Design and construction of Post-tensioning slabs

The use of post-tensioning in buildings offers numerous advantages

The most common type of PT utilised in building slabs is the unbonded mono-strand system (greased and PE-coated strand). The MK4 unbonded mono-strand system uses 0,6" strand of 1860 MPa capacity

Multi-strand bonded system with either round or flat corrugated duct is also provided as an alternative for the construction of slabs in buildings when this type is required.

The advantages of PT in buildings can be summarised as follows:

  • Reduced quantity of reinforcement for passive bending and shear
  • Larger column free space
  • Thinner slabs and reduced volume of concrete
  • Speeding up the construction cycle
  • Reduced construction joints
  • Crack-free slabs
  • Minimised foundations
  • Reduced maintenance costs