Structural bar system

Mekano4 MKT460 system

Mekano4 designs and manufactures the aesthetic MKT460 System, which is composed of structural tie rods for load transmission. Thanks to the combination of elegance and strength, the MKT460 System satisfies both architects and engineers requirements.

The system has a wide range of products, which can be both, carbon-steel and stainless steel. The material of bars has a 460 N/mm2 minimum yield stress that means it is 30% superior to that of S355 steel.

Thanks to the many available diameters (from M12 to M100), and to the different types of finishes, the MKT460 System offers a wide range of application possibilities in both outside and inside environments.

The MKT460 System is the system for the future. Its application area is constantly being expanded in conventional structures and also in more modern structures.